Yesterday, today and especially tomorrow

Passion for quality and spirit of research

A thing has not changed in the EMMEGI Group for the past twenty years: the passion for quality and the spirit of research.

Over time the way of working has changed, forms and technology, media and aesthetics, times, processes and professions have changed

But what we are passionate about is always looking for innovative solutions and constantly confronting them with great art directors, photographers, graphic designers, critics and editors to grasp not only the obvious trends, but also the weak signals coming from market influencers.

It is no coincidence that many successful companies and prestigious brands continue to trust EMMEGI Group for the realization of their communication projects. It is not a coincidence, because all the customers know what they will find in EMMEGI Group: the same care that they have put in realizing their project or their product, and professionals who are not spared, are not satisfied with something less than perfection and they know how to look to the future with the winning mix of curiosity and competence.

Marco Genzini


Innovative and customized solutions

In line with the evolution of the media viewed by the public targeted by EMMEGI Group, and the offer of new technologies, the Group constantly renews its offers, approaching the market with a 360 ° range of services aimed at customizing the communication project of a client, according to different needs, committing to operate with professionalism, flexibility, and style.

The two business units that make up the group (Net-Uno, web and multimedia, EMMEGI Factory, prepress services) are able to manage the entire analytical, strategic, creative and productive process of online and offline communication materials.

Each company can operate independently or interact with the each others to be complete and competitive, always and only with a goal of providing the customers

Trovare la via giusta per tradurre i bisogni e trasformarli in una comunicazione efficace ed efficiente richiede capacità di analisi, creatività e approccio artigianale alla produzione.

EMMEGI Group si impegna ogni giorno a sviluppare soluzioni innovative e funzionali su misura per i propri clienti, traducendo l’ascolto delle esigenze in dialogo, la collaborazione in creatività, gli obiettivi in risultati.